Slingshot Quick Draw ( Journey to Beat the Guinness World Record with a Slingshot Ep. 5)

Still trying to  beat the Guinness world record With my slingshot.  As part of my practice for that I have been shooting down drones, cans and Balloons.  It has been a little while since I tested myself to see how many cans I could get in a  minute.   But I practice daily, sometimes an hour a day.  I think it will take me at least 2 more years to build up the speed and accuracy needed to knock down more than 24 cans in a minute at 33 feet.   But I feel like I'm well on my way And a lot of that is due to the fact That I started using a new slingshot pouch.  Warrior Slingshot pouchs reached out to me recently and provided me with a full selection of the slingshot pouches they make.  They make a very unique slingshot pouch which is laminated Synthetic Cloth Stuck to leather.   Previously the pouches i was using would end up all twisted up after each shot and make me fumble the reload.   The slingshot pouches Warrior provided me are a bit stiffer and spring back straight after each shot so they are ready to receive the reload.    Combine that with the new tubing I purchased from Simple Shot Slingshot Company I've increased my slingshots efficiency Buy at least another 50%.      Which is ultimately the most important part of all this right now.   Because it doesn't matter how fast you are If the slingshot is all tangled up when you go to reload.  Now it's just a matter of more practice  It is winter comes on I have begun to build a slingshot range inside the house.    In a year and a half since I came up with the idea of try To beat the Guinness world record of how many cans you can knock down in a minute with the slingshot  My speed and accuracy has increased I thousand percent.  Of course that's easy to say now because I had almost no speed for accuracy a year and a half ago.     Right now I believe PF shooter to be the fastest man alive with the slingshot.  PS shooters speed Shooting capability with a slingshot as far as I can tell is unrivaled.   But there can be only one and it is my to someday be the fastest man alive with the slingshot  and to that end I practice daily.   And Like everything else I set my hand to I will never give up, I will never surrender.  

Fowler Deals With Haters On YouTube Face to Face


Growing up with dyslexia And being made fun of by the teacher in first grade before they found out I had dyslexia Has given me an interesting perspective on how to deal with haters On YouTube and on the Internet. Especially since from a very young age I had to deal with Being bullied by my teacher and picked on by my peers after her example. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining I'm just explaining. Everything I've been through his made me the man I am today And if it wasn't for the trials I may not have had the strength to do some of the wonderful things I've managed to do already. Dealing with haters In life Has only contributed To my success.

Slingshot or Slingbow What Should i Take on History's Alone All Stars (87 days Episode 11)

So this is purely hypothetical I'm not under contract right now for a season of History channel Alone All-Stars. But I do take it for granted that it will happen unless the show goes under completely Which I don't see happening. It's just a matter of time and what a better way to spend my time but Preparing. After all I'll be going up against Alan , Dave, Jim and Ted's excellent adventure And I suppose a few others by the time they put it together All of which will have never quit. My brain has been busy coming up with new hacks for my gear And refining my 10 items list. I don't intend to change Any of my items. With the exception The slingshot Which won't be Swapped out for something different as much as Upgraded. I was only allowed 30 pieces of ammo for the slingshot which I painted pink so I could recover it and shoot it as many times as possible. In the end I pretty much just shot rocks every day for practice And brought all but two or three of the pink ammo home. There was Almost nothing to shoot the slingshot at But when that day came I was ready and got that one bird with my slingshot and a rock i was saving for the day. I cooked it for like two hours in the fish head soup and after 70 something days Of fish that was the best thing I had ever eaten. But I'm going to have to do a lot better than that if I'm going to out survive the others next time. I feel like I dropped the ball little bit by not making arrows out of the bamboo there and making a slingbow to shoot fish. The odds of that being successful are very slim but it may have been a better use of my time then making 200 spoons for Christmas Presents. But if I just started off with the right slingshot that could shoot arrows and still be a slingshot I could probably bring home the bacon. As long as there was something to shoot. So if the archers going out on Alone can bring a bow and six arrows. It shouldn't be too hard to get permission to bring a slingbow With six arrows. I'm thinking 2 with broadheads, 2 with fishing heads, and 2 with Practice tips. I have to make a primitive spool for the front the slingshot But I don't see that being too difficult when it comes to the fishing. I've even managed to shoot fish With regular slingshot ammo but that means you have to jump in and get them. I haven't shot my bow since I picked up the slingshot three months before heading out on Alone. And back then I made my arrows by hand from the sitka spruce of old boats masts. They were gorgeous but not the most durable things in the world when you missed as often as i did.

I'm thinking Fiberglass arrows might be the most Durable arrow to bring. What do you guys recommend? 

And I've been shooting simple shot Hammer but I want something that goes in my pocket so it's always with me and the hammer is a little big. Has Anyone Tried Shooting arrows With a slingbow braced only with a lanyard? 


Help Aid Texas Part 2 There is still a grate need there.

There is still a Need. From now until Black Friday, November 24th, all proceeds from  will be donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts. Thank you for helping me Aid Texas in this time of Need.

Check out Casey Neistat's Video on the ground zero In Texas And shows the aftermath And more about what could be done to help.

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How to Keep a Fire Going For 50 days The way I did in Patagonia on Alone (87 days episode 10)

When i was out in Patagonia on History's Alone Season 3 I found a way to keep my fire going for 50 days without letting it go out or using a lot of Firewood.  

From now until Black Friday, November 24th, all proceeds from  will be donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts. Thank you for helping me Aid Texas in this time of Need.

Side on Slingshot Cuts a Card in Half at 33 feet

After watching Bill Hays how to cut a card with a slingshot video i thought i try my hand at it.  I didn't do to bad at my first ever try at cutting a card with my slingshot at 33 feet.  

Found The Zombie playing cards at the grocery store for 3$ They cost nine something on Amazon.  So check your local grocery store before you go spending nine bucks on Amazon.  They make great targets for rifle and slingshot Even if you just shoot at the Zombie head.  

Special thanks to Simple Shot And Warrior slingshot pouches for providing me with the Awesome gear I used in the video.

Find Warrior Pouches at


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Instagram : warriorpouches

How to sharpen your knife and tools without a sharpening stone (87 days episode 9)


You will be surprised to see the simple but elegant solution i found that keep my knife blades razor sharp in the bush. This week ill show you how i sharpened my tools out in Patagonia and how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener in the bush. As well as get the wattle walls on the new shelter started. I had the Multi tool as one of my 10 items out there but the Swiss tool spirit dose not have any way to sharpen its self so i had to be creative. And the stones that i found there were not good for knife sharpening.

Youtube Channel Closed for Repairs


Isn't that just the way in life I was ahead two weeks ago On my videos. And all of a sudden I find myself behind. No worries. I'm going to take this next week To do some repairs to the YouTube channel. Basically a new intro video And some other behind the scene stuff. And by the end of the week It will be business as usual. And episode 9 Of 87 days We'll be outNext Sunday all about my Shelter building and How I sharpen my tools without sharpening stone on Alone.

How to teleport like a Boss, all 10 teleports form the Alone Season 4 Reaction Series

All 10 teleports form the Alone Season 4 Reaction Series edited into a short three-minute montage.   This is just a warm up and a bit of a workout for my editing muscles to help prepare for what's to come.  I had a lot of fun adding these Teleport Do the review videos.  And I hope you've enjoyed these As much as I didn't making them.  

Fowler and Luke's Reaction to Winners of ALONE S04 E10

So Luke Soderling and i thought we would sit down and watch Alone Season 4 episode 10 with you and tell you what we thought.  Don't watch this if you haven't seen episode 10 because its full of spoilers.  After we watch the episode of History's hit show Alone S04 E10 ill take you out to Appleton rig near where i live in  Maine.   Then we will  talk about what Luke and I really think of this episode  and how things are going for the the winners of Alone Season 4 episode 10.  Grate Job Jim and Ted Baird win Alone season 4 !!!

Interview with Jim And Ted Sunday on the next episode of 87 days 

Alone Season 4 Jim Baird
Alone Season 4 Ted Baird

Interview with Luke winner of The Wheel after 60 days!!!

Meet Eivan and Eve Kilcher and Fowler SELF-RELIANCE EXPO 2017, DENVER COLORADO – SEPT 22~23, 2017

Come on out and meet Eivan and Eve Kilcher and Fowler SELF-RELIANCE EXPO 2017, DENVER COLORADO – SEPT 22~23, 2017 Find Community. Learn Self-Reliance. Get Exclusive Deals on Self-Reliance Gear. Is an event you don't want to miss.  Something for the whole family.  

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 Keynote speakers

Eivin and Eve Kilcher co-star on Discovery’s Emmy nominated hit TV show ALASKA: The Last Frontier
Eivin Kilcher – Eivin is a third generation descendent of Yule and Ruth Kilcher, emigrants from Switzerland who settled in the Alaskan wilderness near Homer in 1930.Evin grew up with Kachemak Bay in his front yard, his grandfather’s .22 rifle in his hand, and a natural born drive to sustain and continue his family’s independent way of life.

 Eve Kilcher – Eve is self-taught cook who has formally studied permaculture, the agricultural philosophy she personally practices when gardening, gathering, cultivating, and preserving nature’s resources for her family’s use.Eve spent her early childhood in Gustavus near Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska and her summers on a farm near the Kilcher homestead.

Luke Soderling Survived 60 day to Win The Wheel On Discovery Awesome Interview (87 DAYS Episode 7)

Luke survived  with no priors survival skills survived for 60 day in 6 different location All alone to Win the Discovery channels little known show the Wheel.   This is an awesome interview with Luke about his time surviving you don't want to mis this he has such an amazing story.  I teach Luke to make a slingshot while we talk and at the end we shoot them and he lets me shoot a coffee cup of his head !

Luke Soderling's YouTube channel
Lukes Facebook

Fish with a slingshot

Got a fish with a slingshot !!! Not bad for my first atempt at fishing with a slingshot. This was filmed a few months ago so i thought id share it as a bit of a teaser for whats to come when the Vlog returns next week with the visit to Dan Wowak  at his Appalachian Bushman School Called. 
Check out Dans school
And Dans YouTube  Coalcracker Bushcraft